Drawing from Observation

The quickest way to accelerate drawing skills is to learn to draw from observation. This module will teach you the art of looking! Topics will include perspective, composition, tonal drawing, chiaroscuro, the fixed measurement, negative spaces, mark-making and foreshortening. You will also be encouraged to evaluate your work through self-criticism. Classes will be four hours long with gaps or free weeks to embed self-reflection and home-study project. You will work with biro, pencil, pen, brush, conte and charcoal.

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Art for Starters

Is your drawing holding you back? This beginner's course introduces you to the vital basics that enable drawings to be undertaken with ease and confidence. Projects cover line, tone, simple perspective and accurate observation - all taught in a relaxed and supportive manner to develop the student's ability and confidence.

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Charcoal Workshop

This module is designed to be taught on location using source drawings from the environment. It will combine mood, atmosphere and a sense of place with an exploration into the world of line, tone, shape and form. Students will be encouraged to investigate the creative effects of charcoal, using a range of techniques while practising perspective, proportion and accurate drawing. Historical and contemporary references will form a basis for discussion and development. Students will be encouraged to document their work in a visual diary.

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Degree and Postgraduate Show, Aberystwyth School of Art

21-31 May 2018 private view 19th May 3-6pm

Postgraduate Show, Aberystwyth School of Art

10-25 September 2018 Private view TBC

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Oil Painting: A Beginner's Guide

Discover the exciting world of oil painting through this inspiring starter course. Ideal for students who wish to learn and develop skills in a variety of oil painting techniques and gain confidence with this medium. The sessions will also cover advice on materials, colour mixing and the exploration of a range of subject matter and painting styles. Throughout the course we will study the work of historical and contemporary painters. Demonstrations and individual advice and assistance will be given during each session. Enjoy having time to be creative.

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